Free Consultation Opportunity

TWO OFFERS available NOW: Looking for marketing support for your kingdom business without fees? I do it for free. Why? Simply because I’m LOVE DRUNK on JESUS. He has filled me with enough JOY to enjoy sharing this message and enough GRACE to keep me humble. After all, it’s not my work that allowed me […]

Brian Orme 21 Day Activations for BREAKTHROUGH Day 4 :

Dive in DEEP with me and discover the ROOT issue within the various “FAITH” movement cults. Orme bringing it all back to simplicity of grace and forgiveness. The healing power of the Word, is transformative. Let’s take the led by following our true calling no matter what the cost. Relationship with our creator is more […]

The Source of our Bliss: The TRUE Gospel

Three interdependent witnesses affirm, confirm and communicate the will of Christ and together, exalt and establish his word and work in the world, in the church and in our lives. These are: 1. The written word of God—the Holy Scriptures—inspired by the Spirit and interpreted Christo-centrically through the lens of the Gospel testimony; 2. The body of Christ—the Church local and universal—empowered by God as witnesses to receive and proclaim on the faith once for all delivered through and to the saints; 3. The Spirit of Truth—the Holy Spirit—whose ministry extends all that Jesus began to do and to say in the earth, through his grace-empowered disciples (Acts 1:1).

What is your Destiny??

Click below to find out… My results: TRAINER Anissa, you are a Trainer! Ministry Gift/Destiny Orientation: Trainer You have a Trainer orientation, based on the gift of teacher named in Ephesians 4:11 and are “wired” by God to function in teaching gifting, thinking and action. This is your core trait or design, and it influences the basic […]

God’s Wake Up call to ALL…

Mike Parsons, Justin Abraham, The Great Awakening, The Transformative Shift, The New Earth… no matter what you call it, Mike Parsons is an inspiration to so many truth seekers as we enter into our new identity through our union with Jesus. Mike’s latest blog will help believers to live in dual realms… Let me know what you think!! COMMENT BELOW….