Diving into Hebrews 8 Tonight!

Get your drinks ready… it’s gonna be a deep dive into God’s GLORIOUS Grace and Love for ALL…. Let’s toast to the restoration of ALL things! Forget going “back to the Garden”, be there NOW! Amen!?

Free Consultation Opportunity

TWO OFFERS available NOW: Looking for marketing support for your kingdom business without fees? I do it for free. Why? Simply because I’m LOVE DRUNK on JESUS. He has filled me with enough JOY to enjoy sharing this message and enough GRACE to keep me humble. After all, it’s not my work that allowed me […]

What is your Destiny??

Click below to find out… My results: TRAINER Anissa, you are a Trainer! Ministry Gift/Destiny Orientation: Trainer You have a Trainer orientation, based on the gift of teacher named in Ephesians 4:11 and are “wired” by God to function in teaching gifting, thinking and action. This is your core trait or design, and it influences the basic […]

Maintaining Stillness in Time

Just a little poetic ramble about life as mom, not working and trying to stay grounded through prayer and meditation… Maintaining Stillness in Time As the clock tics busy like the bee, I want to join in it’s syncopated paragon. I want to compete with time Outsmart time and win the race Thoughts scramble to […]