Maintaining Stillness in Time

Just a little poetic ramble about life as mom, not working and trying to stay grounded through prayer and meditation… Maintaining Stillness in Time As the clock tics busy like the bee, I want to join in it’s syncopated paragon. I want to compete with time Outsmart time and win the race Thoughts scramble to […]

The Space Between Us

It’s a good thing we bought a king size bed when we moved into our house last winter!  Our precious little girl is only 8 months old but with the accumulation of baby stuff laying around, you would think she’s been around for 8 years! I wish I could find the pictures of our home […]

My Bubble

My Bubble; An Awakening Allergic to our world of senses, his  eyes dance piquantly around the room, while anticipation brews unceasingly as he waits for his new acquaintances to arrive- with bright colored flowers, little anthropoids and such, leaves of pine, shells and sand from the beach and maybe even a four leaf clover!  Knowing […]

9/11- A Dedication for the Families…

A Personification Piece on 9/11 – From a Day Planner’s Perspective: An eerie silence sirens blaring
 a constant drone shards of paper falling like snow carried by the wind to places we could no longer go… Part I: Glen’s Day Planner: 8:25am- I am the Day Planner that keeps Glen Sander’s life in order. My […]

A Song for Melody…

To Understand Love You will know that they love you by the way they hold your hand You will know that they love you by the way they listen and understand You will know that they love you by the way they stand by you even at times when you look mad You will know […]

Gifts of Working a Spiritual Program : Pray, Meditate & Practice Compassion…

This quote dedicated to all of the amazing teachers in my life, past, present and future… Gifts of working a spiritual program on a daily basis… OR… How  the universe, nature, God, higher power, divine intervention, whatever you choose to define it really WORKS in my life… The play set story from my last blog […]

The Kindness of Neighbors…

Staying in touch with God’s grace… We just moved to this small dead end road in New Hartford last year.  It used to be a giant sand dome but 50 years later as houses were built and trees were planted, it turned into a wooded area of maples, oaks and pines.  So the soil is […]

Labor & Delivery- A Natural Experience…

This story is dedicated to all new preggo moms who are considering a natural birth- I am not going to lie- It is difficult, but YOU can do it!  It is possible and the rewards are so beautiful… What a gift to start your baby off as nature intended!! Plus it makes breast feeding sooo […]

The Art of Coloring in the Rain…

The Art of Coloring in the Rain… Or just to get out of the humid sun I suppose? Rain or shine, I love coloring. It is my new zen. What a simple way to clear the mess in the mind. All I have to do is focus on staying within the lines. What a simple […]

Facebook World

#blogging #facebook Currently, I am working on a flash fiction piece in honor of those who died tragically on September 11th, 2001 .  My goal is to have it posted before the 14th anniversary of this tragic day.  So keep your eyes out, it will be finished and posted soon. For now I will be […]