Pick from the following questions and see if the K.E.Y.S is the place for you to grow, heal and eventually, TEACH and ENCOURAGE others!

*Mandatory to answer: Have you had any mystical experiences that have transformed your life? If not, would you like explore and study more deeply what God is doing in your life? Would you like a stronger bond with the Lord? Are you in an Ekklesia, or have you spent time with the father, son, holy spirit, in prayer / meditation? Do you visualize using your sanctified imagination? How has that worked for you? Explain any supernatural encounters, dreams, visions that you believe can help encourage other believers to step out in faith and get involved in “Kingdom focused” activations. Now, pick 1 or 2 more from the following 7 essay question.

1) What makes you hesitant to share the good news of the gospel? Are there parts of the bible you just don’t see the love of God prevail? What is holding you back? Do you have some sacred cows of “religion” to purge?

2) The bible speaks often of our TRUE IDENTITY being righteous and holy in Christ and that we are Overcomers! Where do you believe you are lacking the ability to share your voice and how have you began to overcome this feeling of “lack”?

3) Have you come to understand that, in Christ, there is NO SEPARATION? What is the difference between the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil?

4) There is no HIERARCHY in the Trinity, so why believe in the Trinity? Explain how believing in the trinity has set you free? or, if you do not believe in this union, why not?

5) If “God desires all to be saved” & “…we trust in the living God, who is the Savior of ALL men, especially of those who believe.(1tim2:4 & 1tim4:10). then why repent? I want to say, “because the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand” But, that’s for another lesson! For this question: YOU tell me WHY you believe in Salvation for ALL or why you DON’T believe in Salvation for ALL, otherwise known as NT Wright describes as, “restorative theology.”

6) Did you know the Greek for repent is Metanoia which means “change your mind”? What does God want you to believe about him? What is God’s true nature? Have you read â€śThe Mirror” Translation by Francois Du Toit  and what do you think about this translation?

7) What do you believe religion has done that was helpful in your walk in faith and when religion stopped working, how did your relationship with God change for the better? What has holy spirit been showing you lately? (aka: What do you see beyond the veil ?)

  1. PLEASE SEND ALL ANSWERS to NISSBLISS777@GMAIL.COM or type below in comments. DEADLINE for SCHOLARSHIP : 12/15/2020
  2. SIGN UP ON OUR EMAIL LIST ASAP : SPACE IS LIMITED- https://kainoseducation.com/contact/. I am going to be teaching how to “step in” to heavens (while also teaching that we are ALREADY IN) its a crazy mission the Lord has me on and I want money to continue flowing to Uganda, even if I have to take a big decrease. But this is my only job at the moment so I am investing most of my time teaching, interviewing, hiring volunteers, etc…. by the 22nd I release all my teachings (which are unreleased on youtube)

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