Francois Du Toit’s Greek paraphrased translation; The Mirror Bible study Wednesday night!

We so look forward to seeing everyone tonight.  I changed a few things on the Zoom meeting to hopefully make it easier to figure out your time in your particular time zone.
Always remember that every week is recorded so if the time does not work for you or you have a prior commitment you can always follow along with the recording the next day.
Please always feel free to e-mail us with questions and or comments.  Patrick will read and comment on the chapter for about 30 minutes and then we will do breakout participation
rooms where you will be in a small zoom chat room with 4-5 other participants.  When in these room please use the time to discuss the Chapter we are studying.  The study
questions can be your guide.  Also please take turns speaking in your small group so everyone is included in the discussion.  In this study you will need a MirrorWord Bible which
can be downloaded on app onto your phone, ordered on Amazon as a paperback book or onto a kindle app.  Every Thursday I will send out the new study questions and the Zoom link to watch the recording.

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Topic: MirrorWord Wednesday Colossians Bible StudyTime: This is a recurring meeting Wednesday evening beginning at 8pm Central Standard Time USA (Chicago IL Time Zone)
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MirrorWord Bible Study o the book of Colossians Beginning Wednesday June 23rd at 8pm CSTUSA

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Colossians Chapter 1 

Bible Study Based on the MirrorWord Bible 

Translated by Francois DuToit

Questions By Patrick Emery

Read verses 1-10 and answer the following questions.

  1. Who is Paul and Timothy’s mission ordained by?(v1)

2. Whose ministry is Paul and Timothy representing?(v1)

3. What is the definition of Grace?(v2)

4. Who is our Father and our Master?(v2)

5. Where do we find our common origin in?(v3)

6. What inspires Paul in verse 4?

7. What is the limitless reserve of our expectation?(v5)

8. Is the goodness of God far-fetched or too good to be true?(v5)

9. Where does the Word resonate? (V6)

10. Who does the Word appeal to?(v6)

11. Where is the harvest evident? (v6)

12. Is the harvest gaining ground and if so how?(v6)

13.  What is Paul’s greatest joy?(v6 commentary)

14. Does Paul always see the larger audience when he addresses the individual?(v6 Commentary)

15. What is consistent with the teaching that they received?(V7)

16. Who was passionate about the Colossians well-being in Christ?(V7)

17. What is Paul and Epafras’s constant desire for the Colossians?(v9)

18. What does verse 9 say about spiritual understanding?

19. Define the Greek word “Suniemi”. (v9 commentary)

20. What should explore on a walkabout tour?(v10)

21. How should we conduct ourselves?(v10)

22. What results in the most attractive and fulfilled life possible?(v10)

23. Define the Greek word “Peripateo”. (v10 commentary)

24.  What is the knowledge of God?(v10 commentary)

25. What stood out to you in the above verses?

Read verses 11-20 and answer the following questions?

  1. How are we empowered?(v11)

2. Is God’s mind made up about us?(v11)

3. What does God enable us to be strong in?(v11)

4. Define the Greek word “Doxa”. (v11 commentary)

5. What has the father qualified us to participate in?(v12)

6. What does the light of the gospel reveal?(v12 commentary)

7. Define the Greek words “Hagos” and “Hagios”.(v12 commentary)

8. Where did God rescue us from and where were we relocated to?(v13)

9. What is darkness?(v13 commentary)

10. Define the Greek word “Exousia”.(v13 commentary)

11. In God’s mind where is mankind associated in?(v14)

 12. What happened in Christ’s blood sacrifice?(v14)

13. In Christ’s blood sacrifice were our sins completely done away with?(v14)

14. Define the Greek word “Hamartia”. (v14 commentary)

15. Define the Greek word “Metamorphe”. (v14 commentary)

16. In Christ who is made visible in human form and why?(v15)

17. Whom is Christ the firstborn of?(v15)

18. In Christ what do we clearly see reflected?(v15 commentary)

19. What was created by God and for God?(v16)

20.  Who the initiator of all things?(v17)

21. Where does everything find its relevance and true pattern?(v17)

22. What is the “Ekklesia” and who is the head?(v18)

23. Where does Christ lead us out of?(v18)

24. Can Christ’s principle rank of authority by threatened?(v18)

25. Where is God fully at home?(v19)

26. What does Jesus exhibit?(v19)

27.  Define the Greek word “Eudokeo”(v19 commentary)

28. Who initiated reconciliation?(v20)

29. What did God reconcile all things too?(v20)

30. What was restored through the blood of the cross? (v20)

31. Where does God’s reign of peace extend to?(v20)

32. Define the Greek word “Ouranos”?

33. What stood out to in the above versus?

Read  verses 21-29 and answer the following questions.

  1. What alienated us from God?(v21) 

2. What is the result of our alienation from God?(v21)

3. Has God fully reconciled and restored us to our original design?(v21)

4. Define the Greek word “Proneros”.(v21 commentary)

5. Define the Greek word “Apokatallasso”(v21 commentary)

6. How did Christ accomplish reconciliation and restoration of our original design?(v22)

7. Does Christ fully represent us?(v22)

8. How does Christ fully represent us to God?(v22)

9. Does Christ present us face-to-face with God?(v22)

10. What charges against us have been officially canceled?(v22)

11. What influence should we remain under?(v23)

12.Why is it important to be firmly consolidated in the foundation of our beliefs?(v23)

13.  What does verse 23 say about the one and only message?(Commentary)

14. Does any form of suffering interfere with Paul’s joy?(v24)

15. What is Paul an administrator of?(v25)

16. What is Paul’s mission?(v25)

17. What is mankind’s most sought-after quest?(v26)

18. How is the mystery fully realized?(v26)

19. Where does God want to exhibit his precious treasure and why?(v27)

20. What is His glorious unveiling?(v27)

21. What is the greatest discovery of all time and who is it for? (v27)

22. Who is the desire of the nations?(v27)

23. Who completes our every expectations?(v27)

24. Is Christ hiding?(v27 commentary)

25. Where is Christ revealed?(v27 commentary)

26. What is the mystery of the ages?(v27 commentary)

27. What is the essence and focus of the message?(v28)

28. Define the Greek  words “Vous” + “tithemi”.(v28 commentary)

29. Define the Greek word “Sophos”. (V28 commentary)

30. Define the Greek word “Paristano”. (v28 commentary)

31. Define the Greek word “Teleios”.(v28 commentary)

32. Is our completeness in Christ a remote goal?(v29)

33. Is Paul’s zeal more for the gospel more than it was for the law?(v29)

34.  How is Paul laboring? (v29)

35. Who inspires Paul’s energy?(v29)

36. Define the Greek word “Eis”.(v29)

37. What stood out to you in the above verses?

If you missed last week-

Galatians 6-

Preview attachment Galatians Mirror Word Bible study.pdf

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