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INTRO to HEBREWS: Francois Du Toit

Francois Du Toit’s Prayer for America-

Praying for America! 🇺🇸. 🙏🏼. ❤️

This, together with my fb post yesterday on “The Illusion of Separation”, I strongly believe, present the most powerful solution to American politics – indeed, the entire world of politics!

This, together with my fb post yesterday on “The Illusion of Separation”, I strongly believe, present the most powerful solution to American politics – indeed, the entire world of politics!

🤗❤ In his essay on The Mediation Of Jesus Christ, Dr. C Baxter Kruger writes…

“The assumption of separation between Jesus and us is, in my opinion, one of the fundamental failures of Western Christianity.

The blind spot of separation begets and perpetuates a multitude of ‘us-them’ divisions, including and especially religious divisions, that are destroying our lives and the planet.

Moreover, this assumption necessarily makes our faith a work we do that relates us to an absent Jesus, rather than a mind-boggling, liberating, hope-begetting discovery of the reality of his union with us and with all creation.

The apostolic Jesus is the Father’s eternal Son, and the One anointed in the Spirit, and he is the One in and through and by whom all things were created and are constantly sustained.

These three fundamental truths about Jesus Christ have rarely been held together with the incarnation. And failure here has fueled the oppressive racial, relational, sexual, ecological, environmental, religious, and political and social hell we find ourselves in today. We stand before the beautiful mystery of the very being of God.

Three divine persons completely dwelling in one another in indivisible oneness without loss of distinct personhood— perichoresis [the divine dance].

Every act of God is therefore a trinitarian act, arising out of and involving the relationship, the indivisible oneness, of the Father, Son, and Spirit.”

From my book, Divine Embrace “Oneness Realized”

– Chapter 7 In print or Kindle

Francois Du Toit



WOW!!!! The meeting with FRANCOIS DU TOITs friends and fellowship was AMAZING!!!! IF you missed this week… no big deal, there are 15 sessions!!! Come register with kainos and sign up, or email Pam!


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