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The Sons of the One Table

I woke up this morning with my phone blowing up with more stories and expectations being posted about what some think is going to happen next politically.
Here will be a good test for any of us.
Whether the things posted and hoped for happen or not, will you be disappointed?
If disappointment it would indicate a possible hope and expectation placed in something other than a hope and trust in Father alone.
If you find yourself disheartened, discouraged, or disillusioned, ask yourself, “Where was my hope and trust positioned that I experienced this?”
If our hope and trust is in Father, and Him alone, we will not be disappointed.
If you place your hope and trust in what you think, want, or expect Father to do, then your hope and trust are not in Him, but in what you want or expect from Him…Two different things.
Expectancy is placing your trust in Him and that He is a good father who will do wonderful things for you.
Expectation, places your faith in what you want from Him rather than allowing Him to give you what He thinks is best.
It is a great perspective change.
Expectation – Often leads to disappointment and is ill placed in a specific outcome.
Expectancy – Is faith in the nature and heart of the One who has your best in mind. You are trusting Him, not in what you hope to get from Him.
Big life changing difference!

The pictue was sent by my sister (Teresa Nichols). Looks like stone clouds.

~Gil Hodges (Kingdom Talks)

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