Featured Kainos member: Mary Ann Ogrinz

Here is her story:

My 8 year old son loves to fold paper airplanes almost daily.

In the back of my mind I was thinking, this is a waste of time and to be honest a little irritated by how much paper ends up all over the house, but God was working through this seemingly insignificant hobby.

Later, during a home school lesson we began talking about aerodynamics and my son began passionately spouting out all this info he already knew about aerodynamics simply from folding paper airplanes! It was so cool to witness and helped me realize our children learn best when they are following their passions.

My son loves to invent & craft. I have a Grandpa in-law who built his very own airplane so building and creating runs in our bloodline!

Here is the video of him explaining how to fold a boomerang airplane…

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Here is More from Mary’s faith walk with her family…

Golden Apple:

I got permission from my son to share this testimony because at first he was embarrassed to share, but we both agreed that it could help parents and their children learn to communicate and solve problems from a heart level.

I assured him that all kids & parents deal with similar stories with the one I am about
to share, I know I did as a child.

My son ate chocolates that I specifically told him not to have any more of and then lied when asked about it. I could tell he was lying and there was no one else around who could have eaten them. My immediate reaction was anger, and disappointment.

But this reaction is not from a place of peace or patience, so we both took a moment to calm down. We reconvened and decided to ascend together before either of us said anything else about the situation.
My son saw Jesus picking a golden apple from a tree which he cut in half and gave us both to eat. We ate, and it immediately unlocked our hearts and we were able to express the deeper heart issues. My son expressed to me that he was mad that we were eating his chocolates that his Aunt had given him as a gift.

I had forgotten that the chocolates was gifted to him and now saw how unfair it was that the whole family had been eating his chocolates without asking his permission. I was able to hear my son and recognize the injustice he felt and that he didn’t know how to express it. So instead he rebelled against what was unfair. My heart melted and I embraced him and told him I was so sorry and that he can always tell me what is really on his heart.

I’m continuing to learn how to look past the black and white of wrong and right, and get to the heart

Behind every misbehavior there is a backstory. I just need to be patient enough to help my
children & myself find the roots of the problem.

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Ascending unlocked the triggers and the old discipline styles that my parents had modeled to me as a child.

I hope the helps encourage others and sharing this has been helpful to me as well to be able to process through the situation a bit more.

Please share any ways that the Lord is revealing new wine skin parenting styles.

We would LOVE to hear from YOU!

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