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  1. Looking for marketing support for your kingdom business without fees? I do it for free. Why? Simply because I’m LOVE DRUNK on JESUS. He has filled me with enough JOY to enjoy sharing this message and enough GRACE to keep me humble. After all, it’s not my work that allowed me access to the heavenly realm of his GLORY, but rather, HIS completed work for our salvation.

Helps you. Helps me. Helps the body of Christ. 🙂

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2). We are also offering free consultations in response to the large need of family intervention, children’s ministry in the NEXT AGE (heavenly perspective). I also offer personal coaching. So what does all this look like in this Kingdom Age? It may surprise you how different it may look than what you may be accustomed to our current educational, religious, medical systems.

We will go over the importance of:

Social interactions

Holistic Health

Gardening / Cooking

Art / Music Therapy

Creative Play

Freedom of CHOICE play

Engaging in Heavenly Realms

Daily Routines / Time Management

Treating the problem directly (not the symptoms)

Kingdom Ekklesia Youth / Next Agers

Our Journey to the Heavens: Session OneGetting to Know You

My passion for teaching from a place of REST grows each year as I grow in spirit and truth. My husband, David & I thrive on challenges and enjoy working with students with behavior and special traits! I work with home school families as well as public educated students k-12. In addition, I tutor adults whom English is their second language. My husband is a music teacher, music producer and music therapist. He has an amazing gifting and calling to serve the community and has been for the past 15 years. We are so excited to get to know all of you as we embark on this journey together!

More about David’s Musical Journey, Experiences & Current Lessons….

Let us help train you to think big and succeed, so you can shine in whatever area God has created for you to prosper and encourage others!

I find myself often writing from an intrapersonal reflective thought process, where others may be more visual-aesthetic in nature. My GIFT is finding the hidden GEM within our students. Unlocking the Kainos Creation within and putting pieces of the puzzle together in order to unravel any bondages that are holding them back from achieving their FULL potential! A major component is to find the INTRINSIC motivation WITHIN the child / student. It was not my years of study in the education system that led me to this truth, but more about Holy Spirit SHOWING me throughout my years of EXPERIENCE.

Learning from a place of REST is so important. That is why I am incredibly grateful for my gift of interpersonal social skills. So then an “Auditory Learner” when it come to self-expression and communication.

Gardner’s 8 Intelligences:  

What exactly are the eight types of intelligence posited in Howard Gardner’s theory? The seven original intelligence are: 

This is EXACTLY what we need to encourage in our educating systems!

  Whether kids are being homeschooled or they are in public/private schools, I TRULY believe ALL families that want to make changes need to be treated with the same respect.  

For years there were a few (not many thank the Lord) who looked down on our family because we choose not to home-school Melody.  This was a decision made due to a number of circumstances.  

One was dependant on our financial situation, another dependant on our work schedules and another on the fact that Melody’s public school teachers have been AMAZING (despite the circumstances- COVID19), but we didnt want these worldly issues to stop us from homeschooling if that’s where God was leading us.  So we went to Papa in prayer.  For about a week all I would hear from Papa,

“Love is Written” and that was it.  

So I wrote it down in journal every day.  Then one day Melody came home singing a song I never heard before.  She started singing, “Love is Written… Love is Written… I love You.  I love You. L-O-V-E- I LOVE YOU!”  

She handed me a picture of us together with her teacher and the words “Love is Written” on the top of the paper.  This was all the confirmation I needed to know God was okay with Melody being in public school for the season and that he will continue to lead and guide us through the process.  

For now my job is to REST, Keep my day job (again, for a season), and keep MARKETING for Kingdom Talks, Kainos & other FINISHED WORK gospel ministries.  

By continuing to volunteer for “Bread of Life” ministry in our community Holy Spirit will move throughout times and seasons! I love what we are doing and how Papa is moving all of us closer to our DESTINY ! Here is the LOCAL church where I serve children’s ministry if you are interested in attending. Just a disclaimer about the organized religion of the “methodist” church- the views expressed are not necessarily in alignment with the Kainos Creation in Christ where we see ourself as a REFLECTION of God and not always a SINNER in BONDAGE. We are FREE due to the WORKs of Jesus Christ, and not our own efforts.

This understanding produces good fruit of conviction in the spirit if we enter into temptation. We are no longer “sinners” but made into the “perfect righteousness in Christ” and one of our main missions is to bring people to the knowledge of Christ within, so that they will be set free. Part of my mandate is to continue working as a volunteer for my local church, even though some doctrines are not aligned with grace.

We are to remain strong in faith and continue leading others to our universal savior, who came to save ALL, Jesus Christ. Praise be your name! We are so grateful for the salvation made for us before the foundation of the world!!! (Rev. 13:8).

Coming up next week…

Contemplate what it means to enjoy Jesus?

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