Mr & Mrs Larry and Debbie Housel are currently ministers with Kingdom Talks Media, where ALL folks are LOVED, HONORED and asked to share their piece of PEACE as we explore the Kingdom within ? They also study ancient meanings beyond the Hebrew alphabet with Mr & Mrs Daniel Jedidiah and Michelle Cook. The School of the Living Letters.

“The True Story of Santa Claus” is a juvenile novel about the true meaning of Christmas in the spirit of giving. It was inspired by a friend of the author, the clown doctor, Patch Adams. It’s a story that depicts Santa in a realistic, believable way. Perfect for kids who are starting to doubt the magic of Christmas. It also includes the importance of all spiritual viewpoints. But most of all, it’s about one 11 years old’s journey of self as she learns the truth – her mom tells her the story and at the end she is given a special mission by Santa. This is where she discovers a deeper truth about the suffering going on in her own neighborhood and she taught the greatest gift of all- the spirit of giving. She comes to learn this final truth: True magic is revealed when you lose yourself in the midst of helping others. Synopsis: Every child has indulged in a fantasy world. It’s part of our human development. But there comes a time in one’s life where we begin to question everything and that fantasy slowly fades away, leaving us with only ripples of confusion between what is real and what is “make believe”. Darlene is getting older and starting to wonder about the mystery behind Santa Claus. She wonders, “How on earth can one man travel around the world on one night and deliver all those presents?” and “do reindeer really fly?” and “do elves really make toys in the north pole?” When she confronts her mother with some of these questions, her mother decides it’s time for her to hear the real story of Santa Claus, passed down from generation to generation. The story of how the “Santa Tree Organization” began fascinates Darlene and her curiosity only grows stronger every night her mother reads to her and she asks more and more questions. As the truth slowly unravels, she feels a sense of pride knowing she now knows the truth and it’s not as grim as what her classmates tried convincing her, which was that there was no Santa Claus. But what will she do with this new found knowledge? One thing is known for sure, Santa will not leave her alone with her pride. She will be assigned a special mission just like her mother was when she was coming of age. Where will that mission take her and what will she learn along the way? This story within a story captures the innocence of childhood and the magic of Santa, in a way never revealed before! Shh! the secret is out, but only to those ready to hear the message. A heart wrenching tale for the young and the young at heart. True magic and the spirit of giving come together in the heart of an adolescent girl searching for the meaning of Christmas.