Dive in DEEP with me and discover the ROOT issue within the various “FAITH” movement cults. Orme bringing it all back to simplicity of grace and forgiveness. The healing power of the Word, is transformative. Let’s take the led by following our true calling no matter what the cost. Relationship with our creator is more valuable than gold!

Also a brief reminder: If you have not subscribed to my you tube channel PLEASE do so because I only need a few more subs to be able to change my URL to “Kainos”- Wahoo! We are so close!

I also need to apologize for my lack of keeping up with weekly newsletters. I thought I could do this and focus on family and work a day job in school system, but I am having trouble doing all three, so Abba has me RESTING more in the KAINOS marketing department. Here is another way to get involved:

Our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kainoseducation. There is a new MENTORSHIP program for folks who want to learn more about JESUS and the FINISHED WORK he has done for ALL of us! Let group know if you are available to mentor someone even just spending a few minutes in prayer with them per week. Thank you!

As I have been saying, if anyone has a heart for marketing FAITH based Entrepreneurs / life coaches / Healers / Mentors, etc… PLEASE contact me DIRECTLY at nissbliss777@gmail.com.

Thank you all for your continued support.

This week we are lifting up Rashmi Irin who is in need or prayer and financial support for her ministry. She wants to collect BLANKETS or QUILTS but I have been having trouble sending them from my town. Would anyone be able to send a blanket? Or even a donation? If so connect with her DIRECTLY- here is her facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/rashmi.irin

Here is the page I made for her: https://kainoseducation.com/kainos-education-featuring-rashmi-irin-please-support-her-blanket-ministry-in-india/

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE by clicking on link and pressing “subscribe” button. If you can “share” on social media that also helps! Love you all!


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