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Anissa Zucker lives through the JOY of the Lord and her walk with God has been quite the testimony. Now she teaches privately as an adult educator (ESL). She also holds a Master’s degree in literacy education and a bachelor’s degree in psychology and elementary education. Her life-long interest in writing drew her towards various related memberships & groups which provide more inspiration and encouragement. She has written a poetry book titled, “Fearless Expressions: A Time for Us” and "The True Story of Santa Claus," a juvenile novel about the true meaning of Christmas in the spirit of giving. It was inspired by a friend of Anissa’s, the clown doctor, Patch Adams!

Greek Translation of “Born Again”

In GREEK the term “born again/born from above” literally means *originating from above*”Originating from above” is not something we become, but IT IS something that is already true about us all. Every person – past, present, and future have all…