Free Consultation Opportunity

TWO OFFERS available NOW: Looking for marketing support for your kingdom business without fees? I do it for free. Why? Simply because I’m LOVE DRUNK on JESUS. He has filled me with enough JOY to enjoy sharing this message and enough GRACE to keep me humble. After all, it’s not my work that allowed me […]

Brian Orme 21 Day Activations for BREAKTHROUGH Day 4 :

Dive in DEEP with me and discover the ROOT issue within the various “FAITH” movement cults. Orme bringing it all back to simplicity of grace and forgiveness. The healing power of the Word, is transformative. Let’s take the led by following our true calling no matter what the cost. Relationship with our creator is more […]

Featuring: Pamela & Pat’s Mirror Bible Study in Colossians –

Francois Du Toit’s Greek paraphrased translation; The Mirror Bible study Wednesday night! We so look forward to seeing everyone tonight.  I changed a few things on the Zoom meeting to hopefully make it easier to figure out your time in your particular time zone.Always remember that every week is recorded so if the time does not […]