Chris Carter’s Teachings are TRANSFORMATIONAL !

Cosmic Shift A New Season of Faith This book delves into the stars, their meaning, and how they communicate a massive transition in our spiritual life and practices. The old age is passing away, and a new one is dawning this very moment. While the term, “new age” has been around for a while, this […]

A Whole New World: Through the Lens of Christ…

Repent = Metanoia (in Greek meaning “to change your perspective”) Cognate: 3341metánoia – literally, “a change of mind” (“after–thought“); repentance. See 3340/metanoeō (“repent”).

Greek Translation of “Born Again”

In GREEK the term “born again/born from above” literally means *originating from above*”Originating from above” is not something we become, but IT IS something that is already true about us all. Every person – past, present, and future have all originated from Christ/the Logic of God/the Mind of God/the Eternal Image of God – Who […]

IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! 12/22/2020

IMPORTANT MESSAGE from the K.E.Y.S. Kainos Education & Youth Services: As promised, the Lord has directed my path every step of the way this month and now, also as promised, I was given more clarity as to where we are going with Kainos Edu. This is the LAST teaching in series, but the REVIEW piece […]

K.E.Y.S. 7.7.7. Teaching on the Greek

Although we will be learning more than 7 Greek words, I want these 7 to be the main focus of our study because they have helped me discover bible mysteries that were hidden for so long. In my life the bible was a manual for good behavior and the consequences of messing up were BIG […]

It is Finished!! John 19:30

Grand OPENING coming soon! Hope you can join us for BRAINSTORMing and “resting” on the boat with Jesus in the beautiful , restorative, bliss of tranquility in the Storm. Are you ready? Interested? Read more? Join us here… Click Here- Oh and we are in need of a paid “Social Media” expert who loves […]


Manifestation Law of Attraction Doing The Christian Way In this post, I am going to answer manifestation law of attraction and what that means for you as a Christian.  And explain to you exactly what the Bible says about manifesting. Now before I get into it let me explain to you what manifesting is anyway. […]