Why? When it is so clear without a shadow of doubt that God is leading me to seek him, why don’t I? When God tells me what to do to stay in a blissful state of mind, why do I run the other way? When God fills me with grace and joy, why do I […]

Our True Home

Our True Home Our “identity” in Christ was established before the worlds were formed. The Divine Sanctuary was our birthplace – as said so beautifully, “heaven is the song we were born remembering.” This is our True “Home,” where we were first known and loved, where we were the Object of Divine Delight. But, so […]

God in a Box

    You often hear the common expression, “you can’t fit God in a box”!   But is this true?  Yes and no.  God’s saving grace and miraculous healing cannot be limited to a certain set of beliefs, religious or non-religious… spiritual or atheistic… because God loves ALL of creation, how can he/she fit into our […]

When God Speaks

Harness your hope on her, Holy Spirit Fix your eyes on the son, Jesus The father is never separate. As the sun began to set in the dead of winter one day, I began to quiet my anxious thoughts of what tomorrow may bring by stepping out of my “office of solitude & peace”, as […]