Prayer Builds Resilience

Prayer Build Resilience    I was never big on prayer or even meditation for that matter, however, now that I am a new mom, I find myself doing both more often.  I love taking care of my daughter Melody, but I do miss the stimulation of a work environment.  I am a teacher, so I […]

Anissa’s Creative Writing Workshop – NOV 7th

ABOUT CAG The Connecticut Association for the Gifted is a non-profit organization founded in 1969 that supports the needs of gifted and talented children across Connecticut.  In addition to sponsoring the “Minds in Motion” events, CAG provides parents, teachers, and other educators with information and resources to help in parenting and educating gifted children. The […]

Maintaining Stillness in Time

Just a little poetic ramble about life as mom, not working and trying to stay grounded through prayer and meditation… Maintaining Stillness in Time As the clock tics busy like the bee, I want to join in it’s syncopated paragon. I want to compete with time Outsmart time and win the race Thoughts scramble to […]