Kainos Edu. is all about children being FREE to be KIDS, let’s celebrate their unique gifting by enriching their educational “real-life” world, one child at a time!

Three Pillars:

  1. Student-Centered learning using Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence
  2. Intrinsic Motivation, Positive Identity framework & working as a Team
  3. Problem Solving, Creativity & Critical Thinking

Objectives Include:

  • Exploring nature & life forms
  • Model teamwork & leadership
  • Navigate together through student-led problem solving & solution focused discussions.

Groups we Offer:

  1. Reading Rangers!
  2. Caligraphy Enthusiast!
  3. Story-Telling Entertainers!
  4. Scientific Methodologist!
  5. Mathematic Musicians!
  6. Arts & Crafts Designers!

For more information regarding private tutoring or group classes- registration – https://kainoseducation.com/zucker-family-tutoring/

Contact Us: 860- 933- 1399

email: anissazucker@gmail.com

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