Zucker Family Tutoring:

Anissa– Literacy Specialist, Remedial Reading Expert, Puppeteer, Drama Club enthusiast, Children’s Ministry volunteer & Marketer for David Zucker’s Music Lessons…

David– International Musician, Teacher, Producer and Music Therapist, Guitar/Piano & Drum Instructor

From the back cover of the book:

Pete, the Cat, goes walking down the street wearing his brand new white shoes. Along the way, his shoes change from white to red, red to blue, blue to brown, and then brown to WET as soon as Pete steps into the bucket of water!

Now all the colors fade, and he is back to wearing his original white shoes, nice and clean!

This reminds us that no matter what color our shoes are, 🥾

keep movin’ and groovin’ 🕺🏻

and singing YOUR song…because it’s all good! 🥰

Ages: 3 – 7 Copyright information: Maryann H. Owen, Racine Public Library, WI Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Book Buddies

A Brief Testimony of God’s Grace in our Life

Whether or not you are married, divorced, or single, we were ALL affected by the global crisis in 2020- 2022. My husband, David is an amazing guitar and piano teacher who has been blessed by God with many thriving, happy students…

We pray for Wisdom, Joy, and Peace to continue to guide us…


Freedom from Fear ….
When our lives got turned upside down, we thought we would lose everything, including our sanity!

We were as polarized as a couple can be on the religious and political spectrum. We were both battling the two biggest stigmas in the country:

mental illness &


Even though it all–

one thing remained good and true.

That one stable force holding it all together was the mysterious,

the comforter,

the wonderful counselor

and Lord of Lords,

Yeshua Hamashiach!

When I first heard the TRUE gospel of Jesus Christ and about our co-union with him here on earth, I was speechless.


I was LITERALLY SPEECHLESS for a hot minute, as our middle school kids would say.

I felt Holy Spirit filling my body with warmth and comfort.

I saw a brightness like nothing I have ever seen before.

God spoke about the MESSAGE within the MESS…!

My good friend and life coach, Mimi Caban and I, worshipping at one of https://mimicabanross.wordpress.com/ our VORTEX GLORY PARTIES in New England!
I saw the VICTIM transformed into the VICTORIOUS VICTOR!

The TRIAL transformed into the TRIUMPHANT!

The TEST into a TESTIMONY! ~Anonymous

We were already IN-CHRIST, even before, during, and after all that striving and chaos!

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Now that we are starting to see 👀 the light, local groups will flow through Holy Spirit, hovering above so many people not ready to receive the LOVE and GUIDANCE of the Holy Spirit! The citizens of the U.S.A. are coming back together slowly this season.

We can rest assured God is doing something with delicate grace and loving patience! (As in the popular John Reddick song, “Turn it Around” ) We are all recovering from the global crisis, and more crises will come… We just don’t have to CLING to the world’s darkness. Afterall, we have the LIGHT of the WORLD living inside us! It is time to move forward toward celebrating things like LIFE, FAMILY, MUSIC, ART & JOYFUL LIVING!

When we were reaching outside our own opinions to find more clarity and wisdom, often it led to more confusion. Since God is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33)

We trusted our own minds (holy temple 🧠 ), rather than TRUSTING in the SAVIOR of the whole WORLD…

We resorted to patterns of behaviors we were comfortable with because, ultimately, we were terrified of CHANGE!

Oh, the dreaded TRANSFORMATION!

Sadly, not many college students reach their full potential after graduation. Unfortunately, this is due to the liberal politics that are swamping college campuses.


We believe this new generation of future leaders of the world will be introduced to professional health care leaders and educational experts who focus their teachings on CRITICAL THINKING, IDENTIFYING BIAS, and HEALTHY HONEST LEADERSHIP within local communities.



Catastrophizing every decision, rather than stepping out in faith, knowing God is with us, is like receiving your favorite pie, and when he hands you the pie, you just stare at it and droll.

All you have to do is LET IT GO…

Any stronghold that stands against us must BREAK in the name of the Lord.

Celebrating our Anniversary back in 2015

God is working for us and never against us! “It is Finished” should be the new title of the Bible! 🤣. Just kidding, to all ya classic Literalists out there! 🥰 😉

Revelation 22:13- I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

God has healed our family.

Pray with me…

Pray, declare, and believe with me that the “work” is done and it’s not our fault (quoting John Crowder, one of the teachers in the new wine seminary).

Our gifts are to bring JOY to local communities while bridging the gap between generations! 🥰 ❣️🙏

Now we are seeing folks come together slowly, with delicate grace and loving patience. We are all recovering from the global crisis, and it is time to move forward and celebrate LIFE, FAMILY & JOY!

One step at a time!

United we stand, divided, we fall.

Hasn’t that famous Lincoln quote really become evident in our lives in the last couple of years?

At REST amongst the MESS!

I am so comforted when I hear about the miracles happening in Ukraine.

There is a woman who dances for God in her home, and she is not allowed to leave her house, or it is not safe. So God literally speaks to her and tells her when to go get food. This may sound unusual if you are not used to seeing and hearing of these miracles. But this happens much more frequently than you will ever hear about in media. This is normal in the Kingdom of God! Also, anyone can experience these intimate, deep connections with the Lord.

This is just one of the MANY supernatural healing that God is doing right now worldwide. Maybe God is doing something AMAZING in your life! Would you SHARE below in a comment?

We would LOVE to hear from you! scroll down👇

If the new wine gospel is new to you, go ahead and check out what John Crowder and Matt Spinks are doing these days.

You will be amazed by the powerful move of God happening these days. Although, I am also confident that you have already seen how God is moving in your own life! SHARE what GOD has done for YOU ….


Jesus tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves! Do you remember Mr Rogers? God is bringing back groups of people like Mr Rogers who can do children’s ministry from a place of REST and EASE. As we all know, the ETERNAL hellfire has been a TRIGGER and stumbling block for so many. Drawing SO many AWAY from the TRUTH about God’s Character in PERFECT LOVE.

It is easy to love from a place of REST and not from a place of shame or regret!

Be renewed and experience a new level of JOY and EASE in your life

John speaking gospel truth in Boston, Mass 2019

Our vision for the Kainos Joy Clinics is to inspire, create, and build a firm foundation of faith, fun & fellowship. We hope to spark the light of Christ already within us and to allow Holy Spirit to do the work of bringing the right people together to ignite the flames through our testimony!

I will share my testimony on how God healed me and continues to heal me from all past trauma.

He is healing our family and bringing us to a place of REST (even through the fear of forced isolation, frozen bank accounts, loss of friendships, financial insecurities, etc…)

We are awakening to the mindset Paul spoke about in Romans 12:2 – Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God.




There is currently a growing need for counseling these children and families.  


Our vision is to inspire joy, continue sharpening critical thinking skills through intrinsic motivation, freedom & positive self-identification.


http://CLICK HERE- https://kainoseducation.com/home-school-program-empowering-families/

As an accomplished educational professional, I look forward to working outside the limits of the public school walls in collaborative team networking, leadership & growth. 


Adult Educator for Non-English Speakers (ESL): Connecticut; Provisional: 088.                                           

Remedial Reading Specialist (g.1-12): Connecticut; Provisional: 102.                                    

Elementary Educator (g.K-6): Connecticut; Provisional: 013


My husband, David Zucker has been playing piano since he was four years old, when he’d spend hours under his mother’s piano while she played. Now, in his late adulthood, he has performed all over the U.S., Europe, and India on Piano and Guitar.  His music has been used on the NFL, Discovery Channel, ABC, NBC, CBS, and the Food Network.

He currently teaches students of all ages and abilities on ZOOM or in person if within our home town radius.

Email us for more information- nissbliss777@gmail.com


NOW offering: Creative Writing Classes….

CLICK BELOW                                                                          




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Welcome to K.E.Y.s Families Resource Center & Community Board for SPRING / SUMMER CAMPS !

Our vision is to inspire joy, continue sharpening critical thinking skills through intrinsic motivation, freedom & positive self-identification.

—– Our family vision is to bring JOY to local libraries and senior living homes through CREATIVE LITERACY PROGRAMS with modules created and designed by a variety of educational experts. They volunteer once a week to read to or listen to a children’s picture story book, while also bridging the gap between generations, through these ‘BOOK PALS’ programs!
Our vision for the Joy Clinic /Wellness Center is to inspire, create, and build a firm foundation of faith, fun & fellowship. We hope to spark the light of Christ already within us and to allow Holy Spirit to do the work of bringing the right people together to ignite the flames through our testimony!

Book a FREE session:

Topic: Seven Steps to Success


Life Coaching: Literacy, Music, & Arts



Zucker Family Tutoring

Brief Biography:

Anissa Zucker resides in New Hartford, Connecticut with her Husband, David, seven year old daughter, Melody and their coon hound mutt, Reece. She works as a private ghost writer and tutors online Reading / Writing all ages.  She holds a masters degree in literacy education and a bachelor’s degree in developmental psychology and elementary education. She is certified to teach adults ESL and volunteers as the Children’s Ministry Director at her local church.  Her life-long interest in writing drew her towards various related memberships & groups which provide inspiration and encouragement.  She has published a few books and finds pleasure in exploring with new arts and crafts projects. Her hobbies include tennis, knitting, reading, creative writing as well as poetry and the practice and teachings of the martial arts.

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